Aurora Ahmon



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Intelligence ••••• •• Strength ••• Presence •••••
Wits ••••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation •••••
Resolve ••••• Stamina •••• Composure •••••


Academics ••••• Computer ••••• Crafts • Investigation ••• Medicine ••• Occult ••••• • Politics ••• Science ••
Athletics ••• Brawl ••••• Drive • Firearms •• Larceny X Stealth ••• Survival • Weaponry •••••
Animal Ken X Empathy ••• Expression • Intimidation ••• Persuasion ••••• Socialize •••• Streetwise • Subterfuge •••••
  • 9 again on Brawl, Weaponry, Occult
  • WP for Brawl as Rote action
  • 8 again on Perception rolls


Weaponry (Sword +2)
Brawl (Tahtib +2)
Occult (Magic +1)
Occult (Ancient Lore +1)
Occult (Rote Casting +2)
Intimidation (Other Mages +1)
Subterfuge (Sense Motive +1)


Gnosis ••••• •, Stores 40/6 per turn
Health 9, Willpower 10
Humanity 7, Size 5, Speed ?
Defense 10 (12 w/ Tahtib), Initiative +10


Courageous: Your character is simply straight-up brave. She gets a thrill from meeting and overcoming challenges, whether they’re physical or social. She’s not necessarily stubborn or even especially confident — true bravery is the willingness to carry on despite being afraid, not the absence of fear. Regain Willpower when your character’s bravery causes or prolongs risk or danger to her.


Violent: Your character loves getting her way by means of physical force. She frequently Goes For Blood (see p. 195) to settle conflict. Regain a Willpower point when your character resolves a scene by using needless violence.


Striking Looks •• (Advanced)
• +1 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive
•• +2 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive
super beautiful/frightening, Rote quality on actions where looks apply

  • Staff Fighting •
    Prerequisites: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Weaponry ••
    Style Tags: Pole Weapons
    Effect: These maneuvers are usually performed with a quarterstaff or bo staff, but anything of a suitable length and shape like a walking stick or a heavy curtain rod will work as well.
    • Short Grip (•): She gains a +1 to attack at the cost of her staff’s +1 bonus to Defense. You can change your character’s grip once per turn reflexively before taking an action.
    • Thwack Weapon (••): She can Disarm with a roll of Strength + Weaponry contested by an opponent’s Strength + Athletics. If successful, the opponent drops his weapon at his feet. On an exceptional success, your character knocks the weapon a number of meters (or yards) away equal to her successes rolled.
    • Vaulting Defense (•••): Spend point of Willpower; character can add dots in Melee to Defense against one attack per turn.
    • Tornado Strike (••••): character spins staff rapidly in a circle, hitting opponents all around her. She treats her staff attack as an autofire medium burst against up to three targets of her choice within range.

Defensive Combat •
use Brawl to calculate defense instead of Athletics

Area of Expertise (Brawl: Tahtib) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Area of Expertise (Weaponry: Sword) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Area of Expertise (Occult: Rote Casting) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Fighting Finess ••
sub Dex for Str when making attack rolls using selected Brawl or Weaponry specialty

Language • x2
speak, read and write in a single additional language (Latin, English, Afroasiatic)

Multilingual • x2
able to speak 2 additional languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian) conversationally, Intelligence + Academics to read language

Trained Observer •••
Perception rolls gain 8-again

Indomitable ••
+2 to resist supernatural powers on thoughts/emotions

Eidetic Memory, Advanced •••
do not make rolls to remember stuff, +2 to remember minute details
remembering rolls are exc on 3 succ, make mental/social actions related to memories

Professional Training (Egyptian Priestess) •••••
PT 1: take two dots in contact related to your chosen field
•• PT 2: gain 9-again quality with asset skills (Brawl, Weaponry, Occult)
••• PT 3: gain third asset skill and take 2 specialties in your asset skills
•••• PT 4: take a skill dot in an asset skill, when you purchase an asset skill dot gain a beat
••••• PT 5: spend WP to apply rote action on an asset skill

  • Potent Nimbus ••
    • Effect: Your character’s Nimbus has distinct and powerful effects on witnesses, add four to your character’s effective Gnosis when determining her Nimbus Tilt (see p. 90). Additionally, add your dots in this Merit to any rolls to flare your character’s Nimbus.
  • High Speech
    • Effect: can use High Speech as a Yantra in spellcasting (see p. 120)
    • Effect: If the mage has the High Speech Merit, vocally intoning her Imago confers a 2 die bonus. As it takes time to speak the words, she cannot use this Yantra reflexively — it always increases the casting time.
  • Adamant Hand ••
    Prerequisite: Brawl •••
    • Effect: Your character has studied extensively in the Adamantine Arrow martial arts. This allows her to use combat techniques as Yantras for instant spells. This Merit allows use of Brawl in combat as a reflexive Order tool Yantra, adding dice to a spell cast on subsequent turns, or to a spell cast reflexively in the same turn as the combat action. You may purchase this Merit multiple times to reflect the other styles.
  • Fast Spells ••
    Prerequisites: Firearms ••, Time •
    Effect: Your character’s Aimed spells streak out with the speed of bullets. Subjects may not apply their Defense against your Aimed Spell rolls unless they use a Supernatural power that allows them to use Defense against firearms.
  • Mana Sensitivity (•)
    Prerequisites: Prime •, Wits •••
    Effect: Your character’s awakened eye has sensed Mana enough that her mundane senses have begun picking up the cues of its presence. Hallows and stored Mana trigger her Peripheral Mage Sight, even without an active magical effect.
  • Potent Resonance (••)
    Prerequisite: Gnosis 3+
    Effect: Your character’s Signature Nimbus is particularly over-bearing. Whenever a character scrutinizes her Signature Nimbus with Mage Sight, he’s subject to the effects of her Immediate Nimbus and its corresponding Tilt.
  • Astral Adept (•••)
    Prerequisites: Awakened or Sleepwalker
    Effect: Your character is deeply in tune with her own soul, and may enter the Astral Realms without a place of power. In addition to the access methods listed on p. 249, your character may perform a ceremony to attune herself to the astral, then spend a Willpower point to allow her to meditate into the realms. Decide what form your ceremony takes when buying this Merit; many mages use a Legacy Oblation, while Sleepwalkers might require special drugs, exercises, or chants.
  • Epic Potential (•) – Intelligence
    Effect: can have an attribute above your limit by one dot

Personality & Voice Queues

  • curious natured
  • spunky and fun
  • makes cheesy jokes, quirky sense of humor



Aurora’s mother was a British scholar and her father an Egyptian politician and oil tycoon. Her mother, Victoria, had gotten scholarships to go abroad and study Archaeology. It was in Egypt that Victoria met Hadeer Ahmon and fell in love. Aurora was born with all her mother’s fair color and often secluded from the other Egyptian children as a result. She became a loaner from an early age and often had her nose stuck in a book.

When Aurora was old enough she started to accompany her mother on dig sites and grew just as fascinated with history as her mother was. She rarely saw her father as he was often away on various business trips, but she does remember the fondness he always showed her mother when they were around one another.

While on summer vacation during her Senior year of Primary School Aurora set out with her mother for a particularly interesting dig. Her mother was sure that she’d found a hidden tomb mentioned in old texts and was leading an expedition to uncover it. A few weeks into the dig, sleeping in tents near the site Aurora had a dream…

She was back in Egyptian times, wearing white fine linen and donned in golden jewelry…and as she walked through the temple of the Gods she approached a golden book. The book began to glow and whispers filled the halls…she approached the book and lifted the heavy golden cover, the golden seemed to warm and mold around her grip and when she lifted her fingers Aurora had left a few fingerprints molded into the corner of the cover…glancing at her fingertips they began to warm and glow…and then her mother called out to her. Aurora had been sleep walking and had strayed deep into uncharted chambers of the tomb. Aurora’s vision faded out and the great golden halls of the temple began to crumble; both her mother and her were buried alive. It took the workers almost two days to dig them out, Victoria had died from internal bleeding and Aurora was completely unhurt…the Egyptian workers who unearthed her said the chamber she was in should have never stayed standing and when the morning sun burst in from where they dug, it hit Aurora and haloed her in light, the workers called her cursed, some called her blessed. Aurora herself would grow up to believe she was both…for on the flight home with her father, their plane crashed and she was the only survivor.

Aurora Ahmon

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