Brock is a Were of an ancient bloodline whose spirit animal is a lion instead of a wolf. While Brock has confirmed that his spirit shape is hereditary, certain Gifts are known to allow Weres to change the appearance of their spirit form.

Brock has no pack and wonders the world as an Arbiter, a scared title held by the Weres and a name given to traveling warrior leaders. The responsibilities of this position include peacefully resolving disputes between packs, aiding in the war against the Pure, bringing packs together to face down foes that they cannot handle alone, and preserving the ancient cultural history of The People.

Supernatural Powers


Moon Gifts

Full Moon: Killer Instinct, Warrior’s Hide, Bloody-Handed Hunter, Butchery, Crimson Spasm

Shadow Gifts

Death: Memento Mori, Barghest, Bone Gnaw, Eyes of the Dead
Dominance: Primal Allure, Glorious Lunacy, Lay Low the Challenger, Snarl of the Predator, Lead the Lesser Pack
Elementals: Breath of Air, Flesh of Earth, Tongue of Flame, Heart of Water
Evasion: Fleet of Mist, Deny Everything, Hit and Run, Exit Strategy
Insight: Prey on Weakness, Read the World’s Loom, Scent the Unnatural, One Step Ahead
Inspiration: Fearless Hunter, Pack Triumphs Together, Unity, Still Small Voice
Knowledge: This Story is True, Lore of the Land
Nature: Nature’s Lure, Black Earth, Red Hunger, Knotted Paths, Pack Kin
Rage: Beserker’s Might, Perfected Rage, Slaughterer
Shaping: Shield-Breaker, Perfection of Form, Sculpt
Strength: Unchained, Predator’s Unmatched Pursuit, Crushing Blow, Primal Strength, Rending Claws
Technology: Garble, Command Artifice, Shutdown
Warding: Maze Ward, Ward the Wolf’s Den, All Doors Locked, Predators Claim, Boundary Ward
Weather: Hunt Under Iron Skies

Wolf Gifts

Change: Gaze fo the Moon, Quicksilver Flesh
Hunting: Honed Senses, Cow the Prey, Beast Talker, Tireless Hunter, Impossible Spoor
Pack: Reflected Facets, Down the Prey, Man of Madness, Pack Awareness


Wolf Rites

Chain Rage (1), Sacred Hunt (2), Shadwobind (2), Forge Alliance (5)

Pack Rites

Hunting Ground, Moon’s Mad Love, Great Hunt (5)




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