Aurora first met Devora at the Goblin Market. Devora was already a powerful Changeling in her own right but was interested in Aurora offering her something no other Changeling had possessed before: the ability to navigate the Hedge off path. After striking their bargain, Devora used her already considerable influence in the Goblin Market to capitalize on her new found ability.

Supernatural Powers


1 Dot Contracts: Creeping Dread, Trusty Blades
2 Dot Contracts: Dreamsteps, Know Thy Enemy, Might of the Terrible Brute
3 Dot Contracts: Blessing of Perfection, Contract of Inspiration (3), Control Elements, Flickering Hours, Mask of Superiority, Skinmask
4 Dot Contracts: Contract of air and Darkness (4), Elegant Protection, HIdden Reality, Luna’s Beldam, Vainglory
5 Dot Contracts: Contract of Abjuration (5), Cloak of Elements, Paralyzing Shudder, Phantom Glory, Red Rage of Terrible Revenge, Saber Dance



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