While Jack is technically Calvin‘s familiar, the entire cabal has used him as a canvas for magic. When scrutinized by Mage Sight, Jack glows with the entire Cabal’s magic. Jack’s abilities are mostly as a result of the cooperation between his Master’s Cabal and Jack recalls that the Mages pet projects on him brought them closer together. At present, it’s unclear why Jack remembers the Cabal when the rest of the world forgot and whether or not other Mage’s Familiars remained intact is also a mystery. Despite what happened to the Mages, Jack continues to endure and his magic is as potent as ever.

Active Magical Effects

Should any magical force attempt to dispel his ongoing magical effects, Jack is entitled to a Clash of Wills (Resistance + Rank) to dispel the hostile effect. Jack has the following magical effects active:

  • Universal Armor: Jack adds 5 to his Defense, can dodge incoming Firearms attacks, and has 5 armor against almost every form of attack.
  • Pattern Protection: Jack is entitled to a Clash of Wills against any effect that alters his state of being. This includes, but is not limited to: altering his mind, altering his timeline, altering him with magic, and altering him with spirit powers
  • Augmented Spirit: While Jack is a lesser spirit like most familiars, his abilities have been heightened by magic to make him a formidable creature. Jack treats his Rank as 5 for all effects and has all of his Attributes increased to 10.
  • Personal Augmentation: Jack heals 5 Bashing or Lethal each turn, he can choose to remain hidden from other spirits (Clash of Wills), and he can hibernate to regain 1 Essence per day (during which time he does not lose Essence).
  • Siren’s Call: Perhaps one of Jack’s most potent abilities is his supernatural prowess with other Spirits. Jack is capable of summoning other spirits, learning their traits by scrutinizing them (one trait per turn studied), or even binding spirits to a specific item or purpose.
  • Shadow Manipulation: Jack is capable of Reaching across the gauntlet and manipulating the ephemeral essence of Shadow. This allows him to shape any item (up to Availability 5) and bring it back into the real world for one Scene.


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