Prince of New York and powerful Ventrue Kindred, Viktor currently presides over New York. He’s established a city that’s relatively friendly toward other supernatural, outlawing the hunting of other supernatural types en masse. He’s a well known day walker which he lords over his subjects to advocate for the involvement of other supernatural types, and most of the Kindred fall in line for just a taste of that power. While New York has always been one of the most progressive cities in the world when it comes to Kindred culture, many traditionalists see Viktor as a threat to both their way of life and the masquerade itself. Periodically Viktor faces down challengers and assassins from these organizations, but always comes out on top.

Through hard work and perseverance, Viktor has earned the respect of all the Kindred of New York. To the Ventrue, he represents the apotheosis of ambition and regularly breaks rules for the gain of himself and his city. To the Daeva, he has a cultured palate and a keen eye into the evolution of Kindred culture. To the Mehket, he’s well known for his cloak and dagger methods of keeping an eye on his city and stopping problems before they start. To the Gangrel, Viktor is one of the most capable warriors they’ve ever seen and regularly attends Clan events to help tutor neonites in the art of combat. Finally, to the Nosferatu, Viktor does not demean their Clan and welcomes their alien philosophies into Kindred culture. He also has a keen eye for matching their madness to a task that further elevates both the Nosferatu in question and the city as a whole. All these factors combined make him one of the most well-received Princes in recent history.

Supernatural Powers


Social: Animalism 8, Dominate 8, Majesty 5
Physical: Celerity 7, Vigor 7, Resilience 8, Protean 5
Mental: Auspex 6, Obfuscate 5


Social: Chain of Command, Conditioning, Enchantment, Reason’s Salon, Summoning
Physical: Body of Will, Enfeebling Aura, Forced March, Juggernaut’s Gait
Mental: Cloak the Gathering, Quicken Sight, Shatter the Shroud, Touch of Deprivation, Wraiths’ Presence



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