Beast Shard



The souls of Yaksha and Aurora have been forever bound by the soul magic she used to escape the fate of all the other Mages. With the binding to the Beast, she began to understand the perspective of all Supernaturals and the intrinsic tie they can all have to one another.

Powers and Abilities

  • Your Virtue becomes Cooperation: When relying on another to help you with a task, your character regains a single willpower. When your character brings together people from different walks of life to accomplish something greater than any could hope to accomplish alone, you regain all of your spent willpower.
  • To any and all Supernatural perception, Aurora appears to be a Human as all Beats do. Against perfect Supernatural Effects, Aurora reads as a Beast (Clash of Wills vs perfect effects).
  • You gain access to Family Dinner
    • When your character witnesses a successful hunt of another supernatural creature, regain 1 mana
    • You regain an additional +1 mana if you have the Family Ties Condition to a monster involved in the Hunt
  • Your have access to Yaksha’s Legend – Cooperation:
    • When you reveal what you are to scare, impress, or convince another to assist you, you regain a point of willpower.
    • When you act in accordance with Yaksha’s legend despite great personal risk, you regain all your spent willpower.
  • Your gain access to Mother’s Kiss
    • Costs 1 Willpower, roll (Stamina + Wisdom - Superantural Tolerance) with an additional +3 if Family Ties are present
    • This grants a pool of dice equal to the successes rolled that the target can use to enhance supernatural powers
    • These dice disappear at the end of the Scene if not used
  • Your character can use Yaksha’s Skeleton Key
    • This allows you to open an extradimensional gateway, assuming you can locate it
    • This costs 1 Willpower and requires a Resolve + Occult + Gnosis (contested by a target’s Supernatural Tolerance of the gate’s owner) as an Instant action
      • The door is open for (successes rolled) turns and can be closed reflexively, with an exceptional activation success allowing the door to be used for the rest of the story at no willpower cost

Beast Shard

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