Changeling Shard



The souls of Devora and Aurora were fused together to create this artifact. Fashioned from an ancient glyph that was used to seal the borders between the Hedge and the prime material, this necklace radiates a powerful soul magic when scrutinized with mage sight.

Powers and Abilities

Changeling’s have an almost mystic connection to Arcadia and the Pledges initially forged by their Fey masters. With this Artifact, Aurora gains the ability to tap into that mystic power by virtue of her connection to Devora. While many abilities still remain hidden within the pendant’s potent magical seal, Aurora can activate the following abilities as an Instant action that lasts for a Scene with an active sympathetic connection:

  • Your Virtue becomes Prudence: When your character has the opportunity to act but delays in favor of taking a more thought-out approach, you regain a single point of willpower. When your character avoids great personal harm or diverts harm from those she cares about with careful planning and weighing of the situation, you regain all spent willpower.
  • To any and all Supernatural perception, Aurora appears to be a Changeling (Clash of Wills vs perfect effects)
  • You can regain mana through invoking strong emotional responses in other sentient creatures
    • Make a relevant (Attribute + Skill) roll to invoke the desired emotion in another, you gain the successes from the roll in Mana
  • Your character can forge Pledges
  • Your character can weave Oneiromachy
  • Your character can incite Bedlam
    • Presence/Manipulation + Wyrd vs Composure + Wyrd / Instant / 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower / Max range of 10 x Wyrd Yards
    • Can invoke any emotion you want with a success, on an exceptional success people rationalize their own actions
  • Other abilities lay dormant within the Shard

Soul Stone Properties

  • Spells that include or target Devora grant a +2 die Yantra bonus
  • Aurora is automatically aware of harmful magic cast at Devora
  • Devora and Aurora bound to a sympathetic tie

Other Supernatural Abilities

  • You have access to Kenning
    • Roll your Wisdom, success makes you aware of supernatural effects in the area, you can ask one question per success about those effects

Changeling Shard

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