Khopesh - Imbued Item


Fate 2 – triggers when me or an ally use the item or have it in our possession
holds 4 mana
each COMBO set of spells costs 1 mana to use
will need recharged after use (1 hour per point instilled)
+5L dmg

Celestial Fire (Prime ••••) COMBO w/ Channel Manna
Practice: Unraveling, Primary Factor: Potency, Suggested Rote Skills: Athletics, Expression, Occult
This is an attack spell; its damage rating is equal to the spell’s Potency, and it inflicts lethal damage.

  • The spell affects Twilight entities.
    • For one point of Mana per strike, the spell inflicts aggravated damage.

Channel Mana (Prime ••••) COMBO w/ Celestial Fire

  • can pull mana from any supernatural creature, when item hits make Prime + Genosis roll, successes feed the sword first and any excess are fed to your character
  • get a withstand Composure roll

Ephemeral Shield (Spirit ••) COMBO w/ Clear Thoughts
Practice: Shielding, Primary Factor: Duration, Suggested Rote Skills: Animal Ken, Medicine, Stealth

  • This spell protects the subject against the Numina, Influences, and Manifestations of spirits. Such attacks must succeed at a Clash of Wills to harm the subject.
    • Spells of the Spirit Arcanum and the spiritual magic of werewolves are likewise deflected.
    • The shield affects ghosts or Goetia, respectively.

Clear Thoughts (Mind •••) COMBO w/ Ephemeral Shield
Practice: Perfecting, Primary Factor: Duration, Withstand: Composure,Suggested Rote Skills: Empathy, Intimidation, Persuasion

  • The spell suppresses one Mental Condition or Tilt per level of Potency for its Duration. While the spell is often used to treat mental illness, it may also be used against positive Conditions, suppressing elation and inspiration just as easily as despair and fugue. The spell may not affect Conditions created by Paradox, and those imposed by supernatural means provoke a Clash of Wills.
  • The subject regains a point of Willpower.

Khopesh - Imbued Item

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