Soul Slayer



Crafted by a powerful smith of the Goblin Market, the Soul Slayer is a powerful weapon designed to capture a single soul of a creature that otherwise cannot be contained.


Upon delivering the final blow of an attack to a creature that would otherwise resurrect given enough time, the weapon can instead attempt to capture the soul of the target creature. The wielder rolls a contested Clash of Wills with the target (typically Resolve + Gnosis) and the target creature suffers a penalty to this roll equal to the amount of damage dealt by the final attack.

Success transfers the soul of the target into the blade itself where it remains locked away. While contained in the blade, the creature cannot be resurrected. Other powers vary depending on the nature and power of the spirit captured, effectively turning the weapon into a powerful Fetish / Klaive. Since the weapon itself holds a captured severed soul, it is treated as a Soul Gem by any Mage that maintains ownership of it.

The weapon can only hold one soul at a time. Should the wielder attempt to take another soul, the soul contained within the weapon is expelled.

Current Bound Soul: God Machine Agent

Held within the Blade currently is an agent of the God Machine, a powerful Angel guarding the infrastructure that was holding Lucius hostage. While the angel remains trapped within the weapon, its soul grants the following benefits:

Weapon Traits

+4L-222N/AAngel Soul

Weapon Powers

Essence Reserve: The weapon can store 4 Essence, automatically converting any supernatural resource into Essence when siphoned into it.

Essence Thief: By spending a single point of Essence from the blade reflexively upon making a successful attack, the weapon withdraws a number of supernatural resource equal to the damage inflicted. These can be funneled to the wielder as Essence or stored in the blade.

Holy Edge: By spending Essence on a 1 for 1 basis, the weapon can grant itself the Armor Piercing quality equal to the amount of Essence spent (maximum 4).

Soul Burn: By reflexively commanding the blade to spend a single point of Essence, the blade catches aflame with a writing blue fire. Any attacks for the remainder of the scene that successfully strike a target confer an Extreme Environment (Fire) with a Rating of 4.

Flexible Soul: By spending a single point of Essence, the blade can transform itself into any weapon with an Availability Rating equal to or less than 4.


Soul Slayer

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