Vampire Shard



The soul shard that connects Viktor and Aurora together, this shard is easily the most unsettling of the two. When accessed via an Instant Action for a Scene through an immediate sympathetic connection, it alters Aurora’s physiology to mimic the cold unlife of the Kindred.

Powers and Abilities

The purview of the vampire is destruction. While other supernatural types have fantastical abilities to weave marvelous effects, Kindred are most often the brutally efficient members of the supernatural family. Through her connection with Viktor, Aurora gains access to this undead purview.

  • Your Virtue becomes Cunning: When your character solves problems through clever use of ideas over brute force, she regains a single point of willpower. When your character completely and soundly resolves a problem through masterful behind-the-scenes manipulation, she regains all of her willpower.
  • To any and all Supernatural perception, Aurora appears to be a Vampire (Clash of Wills vs perfect effects)
  • You gain the ability to extend fangs and drink blood just like a Vampire, subject to the same feeding restrictions as your Gnosis. Each Vitae fed restores a single point of Mana.
  • Spend 1 Vitae to appear alive for a Scene
    • Consumed food and drink are “ejected” later in the evening
  • Kindred have enhanced senses
    • No penalties on perception checks in poor lightning
    • Kindred only suffer a -2 penalty in pitch black
    • Immediately notice even trace quantities of blood
    • Heart heartbeats up to 3 yrds / Blood Potency away
    • Smell blood up to 10 yrds / Blood Potency away without rolling
      • Multiply this value by Auspex dots
      • Add Blood Potency to track a human by scent if their blood has been tasted
  • Spending 1 Vitae heals 2 bashing health levels or 1 lethal health level
    • Healing aggravated “naturally” requires 1 day sleep, over which the Kindred must spend 5 Vitae
      • Aggravated damage leaves scars on Kindred, although the scars appear natural
  • Spend 1 Vitae to add +2 dice to any physical (Strength / Dexterity / Stamina) action for 1 turn
  • When Kindred sleep, they return to exactly as they were at the time of their embrace
    • Kindred can spend 1 willpower to make a change in their appearance permanent
    • Kindred unconscious spend Vitae to heal while sleeping
      • Kindred can spend 1 willpower when falling asleep to not heal wounds

Soul Stone Properties

  • Spells that include or target Viktor grant a +2 die Yantra bonus
  • Aurora is automatically aware of harmful magic cast at Viktor
  • Viktor and Aurora bound to a sympathetic tie

Vampire Shard

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