Werewolf Shard



Worn by an elder lycanthrope named Brock, this necklace has fused a piece of his soul with a piece of Aurora’s. While the full power of this Artifact remains largely unknown to her, she has begun to discover some of the abilities it confers.

Powers and Abilities

Much of the shard’s power still remains a mystery to Aurora, and although she can sense that her own magic is responsible for the creation of the Artifact many of its mysteries still remain hidden to her. Calling forth the bond from the Shard is an Instant action that lasts a Scene and requires an active sympathetic connection to Brock. From what she has gleamed, the Shard confers the following benefits:

  • Your Virtue becomes Bravery: When your character stands up against uncertainty to answer the challenge, you regain a single point of willpower. When your character stands up to overwhelming odds whcih represent a great personal threat, you regain all willpower.
  • To any and all Supernatural perception, Aurora appears to be a Werewolf (Clash of Wills vs perfect effects)
  • The ability to shapeshift into werewolf form(s) (substitute Wisdom for Humanity to determine shapeshifting limitations):
    • Hishu (Human)
      • Traits: +1 Perception
      • Sheep’s Clothing: -(Gnosis) to pinpoint in a crowd
    • Dalu (Near Human)
      • Traits: +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, &#-45;1 Manipulation, +1 Size, +2 Perception
      • Teeth and Claws: Unarmed attacks deal lethal, can bite in a grapple
      • Defense: Apply defense to Firearms attacks
      • Lunacy: Inflicts mild Lunacy
      • Badass Motherfucker: Presence + Gnosis vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance, anyone surrounding or protecting prey will back down or offer them up
    • Gauru (Wolf Man)
      • Traits: +3 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Stamina, +2 Size, +3 Perception
      • Regeneration: Regenerate lethal damage without having to spend a single point of Essence
      • Teeth and Claws: Claws deal +(Gnosis) Lethal, Bites deal +(Gnosis) Lethal and do not require a Grapple
      • Defense: Apply Defense vs Firearms attacks
      • Lunacy: Full Lunacy
      • Primal Fear: Opponents with a Supernatural Tolerance less than the character’s lose their Skill bonus to Defense
      • Death Rage: Falling into a Death Rage allows you to regenerate all bashing and lethal damage each turn and causes you to automatically shift into Gauru
    • Urshul (Near Wolf)
      • Traits: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Stamina, -1 Manipulation, +1 Size, +3 Species Speed Factor, +3 Perception
      • Teeth and Claws: +1L Claws, +2L Bite that doesn’t require a grapple
      • Defense: Apply Defense vs Firearms
      • Weaken the Prey: 1/scene apply Tilt (Arm Wrack, Leg Wrack, Knocked Down) when damaging prey
    • Urhan (Wolf)
      • Traits: +2 Dexterity, +1 Stamina, -1 Manipulation, -1 Size, +4 Perception
      • Teeth: +1L Bite that does not require a grapple, can establish a grapple as well as deal damage
      • Chase Down: Spend 1 Gnosis to preempt another character’s action if you haven’t already acted in the turn (Clash of Wills vs similar magic), use Speed in place of (Strength + Athletics) in a chase
  • If you heal, change, or seen up close in Dalu/Gauru/Urhsul form, you inflict Lunacy
    • Supernatural creatures do not suffer Lunacy
  • Shapeshifting is Reflexive and no cost at Gnosis 4-6, or Instant / 1E for Reflexive at 2-3 or 7-8
  • With a natural bite attack, you can choose to swallow flesh hole to regain Essence
    • Regain 1 Essence / damage dealt (maximum Primal Urge / attack)
    • Eating Wolves or Humans is a Sin Against Harmony
    • This works on Humans, Wolves, and Supernatural Creatures
  • You automatically regenerate half your Gnosis (rounded up) each turn in bashing health levels
    • Spending a single point of Essence allows you to regenerate Lethal for the turn
  • The innate ability to cross the Gauntlet while at a Locus or looking at their reflection, this is called “Reaching”
    • Stepping through to the Shadow Realm requires a successful (10 – Wisdom) roll
    • Stepping back into the Physical World requires a successful (Wisdom) roll
  • Heal 1 aggravated damage naturally every 4 days
    • Only supernatural powers can deal aggravated damage to you, everything else only deals lethal
  • Super keen senses
    • May substitute Gnosis for Composure on Perception rolls based on smell
    • Can identify previously smelled individuals with a (Wits + Gnosis) roll
    • (Wits + Gnosis) to identify another Werewolf or Wolf Blood, must be in their personal space though
    • Can hear stuff up to 1 mile / Gnosis and frequencies humans cannot
    • Ignore hearing penalties from quietness or range
    • Ignore half of penalties to see
    • Ignore all visual penalties due to rapid movement
    • Can track one victim if blood is tasted for up to 1 month, know direction regardless of distance
    • Can send any of their senses across the Gauntlet at any time

Soul Stone Properties

  • Spells that include or target Brock grant a +2 die Yantra bonus
  • Aurora is automatically aware of harmful magic cast at Brock
  • Brock and Aurora bound to a sympathetic tie

Werewolf Shard

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