Aurora's Grimoire

Advanced Magic

Soul Fracture

About: This curious spell is still largely a mystery to Aurora. While she knows there was an Atlantean Rune component, she isn’t sure as to the full ramifications of the spell. What she saw was a spell meant to destroy a Mage’s soul, although clearly some pieces of the spell were missing. Based on what she was able to learn, some force eliminated other Mages of the world and erased their existence form history itself. So far Aurora hasn’t been able to find any other Mages and she believes she was the only one that was spared.

Components: From what Aurora has been able to gather, the spell required some powerful components for the casting.

Rune Sigil: Ancient magic carved into the ground, some of the sigils were either erased or used up by the spell when cast. Aurora has seen the sigil and knows the soul-slaying component, but the rest remains a mystery.

Soul Shards: Powerful Artifacts that entwined a fragment of her soul with that of another supernatural creature. As Aurora continues to study these Shards, they reveal more and more of their latent power to her.

Arcanum: Death 5, Prime 4, Spirit 4

Rote Skills: Crafts, Expression, Occult

Soul Write

About: This spell is used to rewrite the portion of the Mage’s soul that was coded by the God Machine to give it absolute control. While the plan was relatively foiled, the Machine still exhibits a fair amount of control over the Valkyrie and they are suffering backlash from the spell in the form of their current, feral state. The spell imbues a piece of the supernatural creatures soul (Prime) onto the Valkyrie, rewrites their mental / soul state to be conscious and aware once more (Mind), and finally draws on their previous self to overwrite their existing personality and make them whole again (Time).

Components: Soul Write requires three components:

Infrastructure: A piece of infrastructure which is used to write the soul

Valkyrie: A Valkyrie to be re-written

Two Supernatural Creatures: At least two other compatible supernatural souls from which the template for the soul write can be drawn

Focus: A physical object that can take almost any form which the supernatural creatures where, serves as a focal point for replicating the portion of the soul in the supernatural creature needed for the mage (the spell requires one for each supernatural creature participating in the ceremony)

Arcanum: Mind 3, Prime 4, Time 4

Rote Skills: Empathy, Occult, Persuasion

Aurora's Grimoire

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