Forces 6

••••• •   Arch Master, First Degree of Forces

Primal Weather (Forces ••••• •)

Practice: Primal Making
Primary Factor: Duration
Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Occult, Science

The mage can summon a primal weather condition, an effect so severe it cannot safely exist in nature on planet Earth. An existing Level 4 Hazard must be in affect for the mage to activate this spell, whereupon the extreme environment immediately takes effect. This allows the mage to create Extreme Environments of any kind up to Level 8.

+1 Reach: The mage can create primal weather out of nothing and does not require an existing weather phenomenon for this spell to take affect.

+1 Reach: The mage can instead create multiple extreme environments of up to Level 4. Each additional type of environment instead levies a -2 to the activation roll.

Create Primal Energy (Forces ••••• •)

Practice: Primal Making
Primary Factor: Duration
Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Occult, Science

The mage can alter existing energy to amplify it to Primal Energy. The mage can choose to create energy with this spell if she desires, in which case this spell functions as Create Energy except it adds +1 to transform energy per success (instead of +1 per two successes). Excess successes to create energy can twist the energy into primal energy as normal. Once the energy becomes Primal (which is any energy effect over Level 5), she adds +1 for Potency 1-2, +2 for Potency 3-4, and +3 for Potency 5+. As with Create Energy, primal radiation creates a similar Extreme Environment.

For example, a mage standing next to a main line (Level 5 Electricity) wants to create a Primal electric current. She casts this spell and rolls 7 successes. Since the maximum she can transform energy is +3 (which she could’ve obtained at 5 successes), this increases the electricity level from 5 to 8. The current now deals 16B instead of 10B when used offensively. Should she cast the spell again next round and gains another 4 successes on the roll, she can elevate the Level 8 electricity to Level 10 (the maximum) whereupon it deals 20B to anything it interacts with.

Transform Energy

LevelLightSoundHeat (Celsius)ElectricityFire
1Flashlight (20 lux)Casual talk (60db)Room Temp (20C)Car Battery (2B)Lighter (1L)
2Ambient sunlight (1.2K lux)Scream (90db)Body Temp (35C)Wall Socket (4B)Torch (2L)
3Car headlight (12K lux)Electric Guitar (120db)Kills Bacterial (75C)Electric Fence (6B)Bonfire (3L)
4Floodlight (120K lux)Gunshot (150db)Boiling (105C)Junction box (8B)Inferno (4L)
5Stadium Lights (1.2M lux)Industrial (180db)Books Burn (225C)Main line (10B)Forest fire (5L)
6Direct sunlight if the sun was a blue star (12M lux)Sonic boom (210db)Home oven max (465C) (12B)Lava immersion (6L)
7 (120M lux)Super volcano explosion (240db)Melt Gold (945C) (14B)Thermite explosion (7L)
8 (1.2B lux)Super asteroid collision (270db)Molten lava (1,905C) (16B)Acetylene Oxygen torch (8L)
9 (12B lux)Celestial body collision (300db)Weld metals (3,825C) (18B)Sun’s Surface (9L)
101.2 Quadrillion Candles (120B lux)Small star explosion (330db)Surface of the sun (7,665C) (20B)Earth’s Core (10L)

Eradicate Primal Energy (Forces ••••• •)

Practice: Primal Unmaking
Primary Factor: Potency
Suggested Rote Skills: Intimidation, Science, Survival

As with Eradicate Energy, this spell fantastically snuffs out energy and is even capable of crushing primal energy. Reduce Level 5 or less energy by 1 Level per success or Primal Energy by 1 Level per 2 successes. If used on a creature, this spell is instantly fatal but Withstood by half the target’s Stamina, rounded down.

High Yield Explosion (Forces ••••• •)

Practice: Making
Primary Factory: Potency
Suggested Rote Skills: Crafts, Science, Survival

The mage creates an explosion in the area of the spell with a yield similar to that of a bomb. The spell inflicts (Potency x 2) damage to all structures within the affected area, bypassing Durability. Living creatures caught in the explosion suffer aggravated damage equal to the Potency of the spell (withstood by half their Stamina, rounded down) and suffer the Agony Tilt for as long as the aggravated damage remains.

Forces 6

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