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Space ••••• • Forces ••••• • Life •••• Prime •••• Time •••• Mind ••• Fate •• Spirit •• Death ••••


       Forces: Electricity, gravity, radiation, sound, light, heat, fire, weather, movement
       Space: Distance, separation, sympathy, conjuration, scrying, warding


       Life: Healing, disease, food, animals, plants, evolution,metamorphosis, physicality, vigor
       Prime: Magic, the Supernal World, Nimbus, truth, Yantras, Mana, Hallows, tass, resonance, revelation
       Mind: Communication, language, hallucination, Goetia, thought, memory, mental projection, the Astral Realms
       Fate: Blessings, hexes, probability, fortune, oaths, promises, intentions, destiny
       Time: Prophecy, change, postcognition, time travel, time contraction and dilation
       Spirit: Essence, spirits, the Shadow, the Gauntlet



Forces ••••• •
Space ••••• •


Any Rote spell you cast gains a number of benefits:

  • Rotes use the associated Skill as a Yantra (add the Skill rating as bonus dice to the spellcasting roll)
  • Rotes do not require 1 mana to cast (although mana costs associated with the spell apply)
  • You’re considered to have an Arcanum of 5 for determining Reach (5 – Required Arcanum + 1)
  • If you Cast a Rote from a Grimoire or one you created, your spellcasting pool gains the Rote quality
  • Your nimbus is indistinct which means your identity cannot be determined without scrutiny
  • Rotes gain an exceptional success on 3 successes instead of 5


Being of Stars—
       +1 to Brawl, gain 8 again
       +1 to Academics, gain 8 again
       +1 to Occult, gain 8 again
       -1 on Persuasion, lose 10 again
       -1 on Athletics, lose 10 again

  • instant action, lasts scene, 1 mana
  • friendlies get bonus, we get bonus, bad guys get negatives
  • Compare the Nimbus strength to any witness’s Resolve. If a character’s Resolve is equal to or lower than the Nimbus strength, the Tilt takes effect. If for whatever reason a character is aware of the effects, she can willingly submit to the Tilt regardless of her Resolve.

Mage Info

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