Assassin Shard



A necklace worn by the Assassin Garick, the necklace was forged by Aurora although she doesn’t remember how or why. What she has learned is that a piece of Garick’s soul is entwined with her own and contained in the seemingly normal pendant.

Powers and Abilities

The Assasssin’s Shard has only recently begun to reveal it’s true power to Aurora. Bonding with the Shard is an Instant action and lasts for a Scene and requires an active sympathetic connection to Garcik. The Shard grants Aurora the following benefits:

  • Your Virtue becomes Determination: When your character perserveres to overcome adversity, you regain a single point of willower. When the situation is dire and your character pushes through at great cost to herself, she regains all of her willpower.
  • To any and all Supernatural perception, Aurora appears to be an Assassin (Clash of Wills vs perfect effects)
  • Note: Innate Adrenaline uses do not count towards the normal limit of Adrenaline / Turn
  • When the following conditions occur and would grant Garick a point of Adrenaline, Aurora gains a single point of mana
    • Gain (Gnosis) mana upon rolling initiative
    • Each time an enemy attacks her
    • Each time an enemy attacks an ally within line of sight
    • More conditions have yet to be unlocked
  • Spend 1 Adrenaline to add (Gnosis) to a single roll
  • Substitute Wisdom in place of any Skill to betray any of the other Bound
  • Your character can substitute your Wisdom when faced with mental influence that would force you to betray your companions or an Obsession
    • If targeted by a Supernatural Power, you can substitute Wisdom for your Gnosis (if higher)
    • If targeted by a mundane persuasion attempt, you can substitute your Wisdom in place of a Skill you would resist the attempt with
  • Your character is also considered to have an additional number of Doors to betray your group equal to your Wisdom
  • More latent abilities remain in the Shard that have yet to be unlocked

Soul Stone Properties

  • Spells that include or target Garcik grant a +2 die Yantra bonus
  • Aurora is automatically aware of harmful magic cast at Garcik
  • Garcik and Aurora bound to a sympathetic tie

Assassin Shard

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