Sin Eater Shard



Unlike most of the other shards, this artifact is the result of three souls being wound together. Both Claire and Aurora have a piece of their soul embedded within, like the rest of the Shards, but a portion of Claire’s Geist is also wound into the artifact.

Powers and Abilities

The relationship between Sin Eater and Geist is intimate and personal, which is why no Sin Eater would ever willingly share the power of their Geist. The two are fused together as one, and yet remain separate souls. This Shard instead functions as a Soul Jar. One part Fetish, another part Death Magic, the pendant is intended to capture and contain another ghost and use the blueprint of the wearer as a means to funnel that power to Aurora.

  • Your Virtue becomes Justice: When your character goes out of her way to right the wrongs of the world, she regains a single point of willpower. When she puts herself or those she cares for at great personal risk to do the right thing, she regains all of her willpower.
  • To any and all Supernatural perception, Aurora appears to be a Sin Eater (Clash of Wills vs perfect effects)
  • You forge a Keystone Memento
  • You add your [Gnosis] to rolls to resist disease and poison

Soul Stone Properties

  • Spells that include or target Claire grant a +2 die Yantra bonus
  • Aurora is automatically aware of harmful magic cast at Claire
  • Claire and Aurora bound to a sympathetic tie

Sin Eater Shard

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