XP Log

Total40 SE40 ME21 UE
Session 96 SE6 ME6 UE
Session 85 SE5 ME5 UE
Session 74 SE4 ME4 UE
Session 5 & 66 SE6 ME6 UEGnosis 6!
Session 45 SE5 ME--
Session 35 SE5 ME--
Session 24 SE4 ME--
Session 15 SE5 ME--

XP Costs

Attribute3 MXPMortal Merit1 MXP / Dot
Skill2 MXPSpecialty1 MXP
Wisdom2 MXPWillpower1 MXP
Arcanum to Limit4 SXPArcanum Above Limit5 SXP
Rote1 SXPLegacy Attainment1 SXP
Gnosis5 SXPSupernatural Merit1 SXP / Dot

Increasing Gnosis will require ST approval.

UXP (UE) Costs

UXP, or Unlock XP, is Aurora’s ability to tap into the power of her soul-bound group and access their power. She can only do so when doning the form of the same type. So for example, she couldn’t access Kindred powers while in Werewolf form. UXP is tracked separately for each form. For example, if Aurora has 6 UXP then she has 6 XP to spend on Werewolf Gifts and Rites, 6 XP to spend on Vampire Gifts and Deovtions, etc.

Disciplines4 UEDevotionsVaries
Facet2 UERiteRating x 1
Protocols2 UESubroutinesRating x 1
Manifestation3 UECeremoniesRating x 1
Nightmares3 UEAtavisms4 UE
ContractRating x 1Supernatural Merits1 x Rating

Gnosis Limitations

GnosisRitual IntervalTrait MaxYantrasParadoxCombined SpellsObsessionsMana / Per TurnHighest Arcanum MaxOther Arcana Max
13 Hours5211110/132
23 Hours5211115/233
31 Hour5322220/343
41 Hour5322225/444
530 Minutes5432230/554
630 Minutes6433340/665
710 Minutes7543350/776
810 Minutes8543360/887
91 Minute (20 Turns)9654480/1098
101 Minute (20 Turns)106544100/151010

Note: Highest Arcanum is the highest rating of any of the schools of Magic. While the other schools are limited, you can still spend experience points to bring them up to 5 (it costs 1 XP more). Keep track of this expenditure, you’ll get a refund when you go up in Gnosis and your new maximum changes.


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