Arch Arcanum

High Gnosis Traits

At this level of Mastery, the Arch Mage can begin taking Arcanum over Rank 5. The trait limits (which follow the same experience rules as pre-Arch Mage Arcanum) can be found below:

GnosisRitual IntervalTrait MaxYantrasParadoxCombined SpellsObsessionsMana / Per TurnHighest Arcanum MaxOther Arcana Max
630 Minutes6433340/665
710 Minutes7543350/776
810 Minutes8543360/887
91 Minute (20 Turns)9654480/1098
101 Minute (20 Turns)106544100/151010

Note the maximum Arcanum Ratings can be circumvented but doing so costs an additional Experience

Arch Magic – Arcanum 6, First Degree Mastery

Upon achieving this level of Mastery, the Arch Mage gains access to following benefits

  • The Arch Mage gains an additional reach for every additional dot in the Arcanum
    • Rotes use the Mage’s Gnosis instead of the standard 5 to determine Reach
    • The Arch mage has Reach 2 for Arcanum 5 spells, Reach 3 for Arcanum 4 spells, etc
  • All spells from this Arcanum are considered Ruling and do not require a point of mana to cast an improvised spell
    • Mixing up to one other Arcanum per Arch Mastery degree can be done without additional Mana
      • For example, a Mage with Forces 7 could mix in two other Arcanum for free, but would need to spend 1 Mana to add any additional Arcanum
  • If the Mage achieves Arch Mastery, she can re-roll 1 failed die for each dot in Mastery she has in that Arcanum
    • For instance, a Mage with Death and Matter as her Ruling Arcanum who achieves Death 7 could re-roll 2 failed dice in any spell she casts that has Death as the Primary Arcanum
  • Dispelling her First Degree Mastery spells requires someone with a similar Arcanum rank in either the same Arcanum or Prime
  • Upon achieving your first Arch Mastery, you unlock Primal Scale
    • Primal Scale requires an additional reach to upgrade Advanced Scale to Primal Scale
  • Each spell the Mage has an Arch Mastery in as the primary Arcanum for the spell achieves an exceptional success on one less success, minimum 1. For example, a Mage with Death 8 would achieve an exceptional success on 2 successes (instead of 5). The Arch Mage can choose to apply multiple exceptional success benefits for exceptional success accumulation as normal.

Primal Scale

Number of SubjectsSize of Largest SubjectArea of EffectDice Penalty
50 Subjects5A campus or small neighborhoodNone (Basic Successes)
100 Subjects30medium sized neighborhood-2
5,000 Subjects55large neighborhood-4
10,000 Subjects80small city-6
500,000 Subjects105large city-8
1,000,000 Subjects*130*small state-10

  • Add an additional -2 penalty for each extra incremental subjects or +25 Size Increase. For example, targeting 50,000,000 subjects up to size 155 would be a -12 penalty while targeting 100,000,000 up to size 170 would be a -14.

First Degree Arch Mastery by Arcanum


  • Forces: Commanding the forces of the cosmos, the Arch Mastery of Forces allows the Mage to summon energy of overwhelming potency. She can even twist the laws of physics to come up with types of energy the Universe has never seen before.
  • Space: The Arch Mastery of Space allows the Mage to reach out into other dimensions and blur the lines between her dimension and another.

Attainments for Arcanum 6 / Arch Mastery First Degree

Space: Anywhere

System: Spend 1 mana instead of using Reach to upgrade Advanced Scale factor to Primal Factor

Forces: Primal immunity

System: Basic Force Immunity does not provide protection to the Mage for any hazard above 4. A Mage that has reached this degree of mastery is protected by any Primal Forces effect up to Level 8 by spending a single point of mana reflexively for the scene.

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The Supernal Realm

Arch Arcanum

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