Quinn Gear

9mm pistol
pepper spray

Kaia’s Gear

Mask of the Butterfly Queen

Fetish (4)
This Fetish is feared by spirits when don by their aggressors, this mask allows Kaia to add her Presence to all rolls to resist Spirit Numinas. The reputation for this mask is well known, however, and if worn while attempting social maneuvering that is not intimidation or hard leverage, the mask imposes a -2 penalty.

“Did you come up with the name yourself?”
“Sure, I’m all rainbows and unicorns.”

Pack Caller Pendant

Fetish (5)
A hand crafted Fetish from a community spirit, this necklace has a sympathetic connection to every member of the Kaia’s pack. Kaia can clutch the pendant in hand to take an Instant action to recite the names of up to (Blood Potency) pack members out loud and spend 1 Vitae for each name spoken. At the beginning of her next turn, all mentioned Pack Members appear by her side and act on her Initiative. Pack members can always voluntarily choose not to answer her call, but the Vitae spent to summon them is not refunded.

“You seem a little worried about venturing out on your own, so I made you this. Now you’ll know what every Werewolf knows in their heart… if you have a pack, you’re never really alone.”

Ring of the Wyrd Motley

Artifact (N/A)
A ring of mysterious origins engineered to bridge the gap between the supernatural types, this Artifact humans with raw power. When worn by a group bound together by some form of supernatural ritual regardless of the source, each wearer is considered to be a member of the same supernatural type as every other member. Among other things, this allows the group to use Pack Tactics if at least one member is a Werewolf.

“Most of the packs strength comes from their unity and the concert of their powers working in harmony. Without that, we’re just another group.”

Quiet Fang

Artifact (5)
Forged from Kaia’s blood by the Goblin Market blacksmith Bane, Fang was built to help her harness her Beast. If Kaia frenzies while wielding Fang, she’s immune to all frenzy until the following sunrise. Further, while wielding Fang she adds +3 dice when spending a Willpower to Ride the Wave and recovers all Willpower spent to Ride the Wave at the end of the scene.

“Normally I only do one order per customer, but your blood is special. It’s unique. I’ll take the Beast that sleeps in your heart and fold the darkest part of your soul into this steel.”

Quinn Gear

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