Quinn Vamp Form


Clan Bane (The Wanton Curse)
You taste the romance in all things, but none so much as blood. Mortals are not just food. They are your obsession, and that fixation grows with every sip. Drink more than once, from any mortal, and you risk becoming emotionally dependent on your prey.


Resilience ••••• •• Celerity ••••• •• Vigor ••••• •• Protean •• Auspex ••• Magesty ••••• Dominate Animalism •••


Unmarked Grave (•)
Cost: Varies | Activation Time: Instant | Duration: Indefinite | Activation Roll: None | Target: Self

She merges with the ground, becoming immune to almost any harm. She can remain there indefinitely, waiting in a cocoon of soil until the time is right for her to emerge. She does not have to find stone or mud, she can just as easily slip into concrete — as long as she has servants willing to feed her while she rests.

Cost: Varies; 0 for soil or earth, otherwise Vitae equal to the Durability of the material.

Predatory Aspect (••)
Cost: Varies | Activation Time: Instant | Duration: Scene | Activation Roll: None | Target: Self

With this level of mastery, the vampire can manipulate her body to grant herself animalistic traits. Each trait requires the vampire spend vitae within a single turn so the vampire is prevented from assuming a trait with a Vitae cost higher than the number of Vitae she can spend in a single turn, as determined by her blood potency. Beyond that, the vampire may activate as many traits as she has Vitae. Players are encouraged to come up with additional applications of this discipline through the basic manipulation of a single feature on the vampire, but all applications should be approved by the Storyteller and reference the original discipline for balance.

1 Vitae
The vampire may grant himself a trait to increase the severity of damage dealt by a single natural attack, such as dealing lethal damage with his fists by growing claws. When the vampire uses this trait on his bite, the vampire removes the need to grapple a target before using his bite attack. Multiple activations on the same feature over multiple rounds are not cumulative.

The vampire may add one to the damage rating of any natural attack by manifesting an animalistic augmentation. Multiple activations on the same feature over multiple rounds are not cumulative, but a vampire with sufficient blood potency could spend any number of Vitae to add to the damage of a single attack for the scene.

The vampire can grant himself an animalistic feature of some sort, such as enhanced senses, by altering a portion of his body to resemble that of the animal he seeks to mimic. Examples include the ability to see heat, scent, or extraordinary hearing. This manifestation grants the vampire (Protean) additional dice on corresponding rolls and ensures all checks made with the augmented trait are supernatural, but any additional abilities (such as tracking someone or locating an invisible target by scent) are subject to Storyteller discretion. This application of Protean can also grant a (Protean) die bonus on skill uses not related to combat, such as growing webbing between the vampire’s fingers and toes for a bonus to Athletics rolls while swim. As a general rule, the application of these features should have the same scope as a skill specialty.

2 Vitae
The vampire can grant himself an additional feature, such as a third arm or a tail. The limb should have similar functionality to an existing appendage, such as a tail that can grip weapons. Limbs grown this way cannot grant the vampire an additional action, but a vampire could use this discipline to circumvent penalties (such as a vampire growing a tail to wield a sword when his hands are bound). Should the vampire’s body be bound to prevent him from gaining an additional feature, the vampire should make a Strength + Stamina + Protean roll to break free of the bonds with a difficulty of the binding’s Durability. The vampire cannot use this feature to alter her own size. Alternate modes of transportation granted by this application, such as flight or tunneling, have a movement speed equal to the vampire’s base movement speed but can be augmented by other disciplines (such as Celerity) as normal.

3 Vitae
The vampire can alter her body in a way to that benefits one of her derived physical characteristics. A vampire using this application of the Protean discipline typically adds her Protean rating to the trait in question. Examples include hardening her skin to grant her Protean rating in armor or augmenting her legs to grant her Protean rating as a bonus to her movement speed. This discipline cannot grant the vampire cumulative bonuses to the same statistics and cannot alter attributes (and, by proxy, Defense) or skills directly. Alternatively, the vampire can use this application of Protean to assume a similar humanoid form of the same size. This application only alters the vampires physical body so clothes and any other possessions remain unchanged. Vampires with supernatural sight, such as Auspex, engage in a clash of wills as normal to determine the vampire is not who she appears to be and can discern her true form. Otherwise if the vampire does something uncharacteristic of the form she’s assuming opposed rolls are used as normal.

Features augmented with Protean are always obvious. More radical augmentations might be available at higher Vitae expenditures, subject to Storyteller discretion. Multiple augmentations cannot affect the same feature, so a Blood Potency 2 Kindred could not spend 2 Vitae one turn to grant himself a 2 damage rating with his fists then spend 2 Vitae the next to deal aggravated damage.


  • Beast’s Hackles:
    • Cost: Varies, as the Discipline is slightly tiring; the first use in a scene is free, but subsequent uses in the same scene cost 1 Vitae each.
    • Activation: Instant | Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Auspex
      The Beast focuses on danger and weakness. A vampire who borrows her Beast’s senses can use that focus to know if someone is about to attack her, or to pinpoint the weakest person in the room. The Beast is sensitive to things that other people cannot normally perceive; using this Discipline can pierce Obfuscate (see “Clash of Wills,” p.125).
    • Roll Results:
      • Dramatic Failure: The player asks a question as though he had rolled a success; the Storyteller should either give false information, or present a warped version of the truth.
      • Failure: The vampire’s senses cloud; his Beast doesn’t see any immediate point of weakness.
      • Success: The player can ask one question of the Storyteller. The Storyteller’s answer should include the imagery conjured by the Beast to convey the answer. This level of Auspex can only answer immediate questions about danger or weakness; the sample questions below cover much of the information the Beast can provide.
      • Exceptional Success: The player can ask two questions.
    • CONTACT:
      • It’s easier for a vampire to use Auspex on another person if he’s spent some time in intimate contact with her. The contact doesn’t need to be sexual, any period of platonic physical contact is enough. Digging a bullet out of someone’s side — or carefully severing her arm — reveals her secrets to Auspex. Intimate contact gives a +3 bonus to the vampire’s roll.
  • Uncanny Perception ••
    • Cost: Varies; the first use in a scene is free, but subsequent uses against the same target that scene cost 1 Vitae each.
    • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Empathy + Auspex | Action: Instant
      The vampire focuses on a single victim, peeling back the layers of lies and misdirection to reveal the truth underneath. The Beast sniffs out the victim’s dark secrets, things that she doesn’t want anyone else to know. What the vampire does with that information is up to him.
    • Roll Results
      • Dramatic Failure: The player asks a question as though he had rolled a success; the Storyteller should give false or misleading information.
      • Failure: The Beast unveils no secrets. Does the victim really have nothing to hide?
      • Success: The player can ask the Storyteller one question per success. The Storyteller’s answer should include the imagery conjured by the Beast to convey the answer. This level of Auspex focuses on questions concerning the secrets and weaknesses of a single character.
      • Exceptional Success: The images give the vampire further insight into the questions asked.
      • Possible Questions


  • BASE:
    • no Vitae needed, adds Celerity to any Dexterity based roll
  • Quickened Defense:
    • Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: Scene
      The vampire levies his supernatural speed to dodge incoming attacks, moving so fast he can even avoid some gunfire. The vampire adds his Celerity to his Defense against all incoming attacks he is aware of, even if those attacks are from Firearms.
    • ELDER: This bonus applies to supernatural attacks as well, such as those that simply target a creature in range.
  • Quixotic Intervention:
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: Instant
    • With this Technique the vampire gains the ability to take an Instant action as a Reflexive action in response to an Instant action that directly affects him. This Technique can interrupt other actions, such as allowing the Vampire to move away from a melee attack or make an attack before an opponent has the chance to strike. If the vampire does choose to attack, he can only attack the opponent that triggered the activation of this Technique. A vampire cannot make an attack if she’s already chosen to Dodge for the turn or otherwise used an ability that would prevent her from attacking her turn. The vampire may not activate this Technique more times in a single scene than his Celerity rating. Quicksilver Intervention cannot interrupt Reflexive actions.
    • ELDER: The kindred can instead take a number of actions equal to (Celerity – 4) in a single Instant. The Elder version of this Discipline is only available for use (Celerity – 4) times per Scene.
  • Swift Strike
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: Instant
    • Bringing his supernatural speed to augment his already impressive combat abilities, a vampire using this Technique rarely misses his mark. Using this Technique allows the vampire to add his Celerity in dice to a single attack roll. This Technique cannot be used for attacks that would not feasibly benefit from supernatural speed, such as attacks made by firearms. Most other melee and ranged attacks should be applicable. The cost of this Technique must be paid when the attack is declared.
  • Blinding Movement
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: 1 Turn
    • Upon activating this technique, the vampire multiplies his movement by his Celerity Rating + 1. This multiplier is calculated after all other modifiers, such as the augment to a vampire’s base speed running provides. Anyone attempting to attack the vampire during a turn this Technique is active suffers a penalty equal to his Celerity Rating as a result of his supernatural speed.
  • Quicksilver Reflexes
    Cost: None | Activation: None | Duration: Permanent
    • With this technique, the vampire can add his Celerity rating to his initiative for the duration of the scene. By spending a single Vitae as a Reflexive action, the vampire can levy his full supernatural speed for a single turn to act before anyone else. If multiple creatures have this Technique or other abilities that allow them to go first, the contended contest with a Clash of Wills as normal.
  • Unique Clan Ability
    A vampire with Celerity as a Clan favored Discipline is considered to have a Celerity rating of one higher for all calculations, rolls and effects when utilizing a single Technique from this Discipline.


  • BASE:
    • no Vitae needed, adds Vigor to any Strength based roll
  • Crushing Blow
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: Instant
    • By spending a single Vitae, the vampire augments a single attack. If the attack is successful, the vampire deals an additional number of health levels of damage equal to his Vigor rating. The vampire must elect whether or not to use this Technique when the attack is declared.
    • ELDER: The Elder deals additional damage equal to (Vigor – 5) when using this Technique.
  • Heavy Handed
    Cost: None | Activation: None | Duration: Permanent
    • The vampire making melee attack with this Technique ignores a number of points of armor equal to his Vigor rating. In addition, unarmed attacks deal lethal damage and he can use his Vigor rating as a weapon damage bonus when fighting unarmed or with a brawl aid. Weapons also consider their damage rating to be equal to the Vampire’s Vigor rating, if higher than the weapons actual rating.
    • ELDER: Every point of damage dealt to the target lowers the target’s armor rating by 1 for the rest of the scene. For supernatural or natural armor, the target’s armor rating is repaired only when the damage from the attack is healed.
  • Impactful Scaling
    Cost: None | Activation: None | Duration: Permanent
    • Channeling his supernatural strength into his hands, the vampire becomes an expert at scaling up even the most difficult surfaces. The vampire multiples the distance he can climb by his Vigor + 1. Further, if the surface the vampire is climbing has a Durability less than or equal to his Vigor rating, he can make handholds in the material as he climbs which also allows him to ignore an amount of environmental penalties from the surface he’s scaling equal to his Vigor rating. Of course doing so often leaves very obvious marks in the Vampire’s wake, such as finger indentions in brick buildings. Especially brittle material, such as glass, may break under the pressure of the vampire’s strength subject to Storyteller discretion but Kindred can exercise enough control over this Technique so that materials that could normally support their weight despite a few holes don’t instantly burst.
  • Impossible Feat
    Cost: None | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: One Scene
    • This technique augments the vampire’s ability to perform feats of strength, including (but not limited to) breaking down doors or lifting heavy objects. The vampire adds his Vigor rating in dice to the attempt. The vampire can also spend a single Vitae to convert the dice to automatic successes for an Instant action. In the event that the feat of strength is maintained, such as hefting a car into the air and carrying across the street, the vampire must spends an additional Vitae every turn the feat is maintained.
  • Unique Clan Ability
    • A vampire with Vigor as a Clan favored Discipline is considered to have a Vigor rating of one higher for all calculations, rolls and effects when utilizing a single Technique from this Discipline.


  • BASE
    • no Vitae needed, adds Resilience to any Stamina based roll
  • Flesh Stitch
    Cost: None | Activation: None | Duration: Permanent
    • Unlike most Techniques, Flesh Stitch permanently alters the vampire’s natural healing ability. For a single Vitae, the vampire can heal a number of bashing health levels equal to 2 + his Resilience rating or a number of lethal health levels equal to 1 + half his Resilience rating, rounded up. Further, each Vitae spent healing aggravated damage counts as a number of Vitae equal to his Resilience rating and the vampire may spend Vitae to heal aggravated damage instantly (instead of the standard 2 days per level).
  • Thickened Skin
    Cost: None | Activation: None | Duration: Permanent
    • With this technique the vampire gains an armor rating equal to his Resilience rating. This supernatural armor applies against any effects that damage the vampire, including environmental damage, but do not protect the Vampire from natural daylight.
  • Marble Hardness
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: Instant
    • The vampire reduces the number of health levels of damage he takes from a single source by his Resilience rating. This armor rating applies to all sources of damage except natural sunlight. This Technique stacks with the damage negation provided by armor.
  • Stalwart Resolve
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Activation: Reflexive | Duration: instant
    • Using this Technique the vampire can attempt to remove Conditions and Tilts he has succumb to. If resisting a Tilt, the Vampire spends a single Vitae and rolls his unmodified Resilience + Blood Potency. Success removes the tilt and any associated penalties. If resisting a Condition, the vampire spends a single Vitae and initiates a “Clash of Wills” with the source of the Condition. Non-sentient sources of Conditions require only a single success on the roll to overcome. If the vampire is unsuccessful, he cannot attempt to resolve the Condition or Tilt for the remainder of the evening. If the vampire botches the Resilience or Clash of Wills roll, the vampire must allow the Condition and Tilt to run its course naturally. A vampire that successfully resists a Condition or Tilt remains immune to the the same Condition or Tilt from the resisted source for the rest of the scene.
  • Regeneration
    Cost: None | Activation: None | Duration: Permanent
    • Provided the vamp has at least 1 Vitae left (this also applies for ghouls). Every turn on his action the vampire reflexively heals his right most health box if it’s filled with bashing or lethal damage. In addition, every turn in which the vampire spends Vitae any wounds he has also regenerate at a faster rate instead of the usual one health level. Regardless of what the vampire spends Vitae for, each point spent each turn, up to the Vampires Resilience rating, regenerates 2 bashing health levels or one lethal health level. This healing replaces the standard one health level per turn. For example, a Vampire with a Resilience of 2 that spends 2 Vitae to augment his Strength for the turn can also choose to heal 4 bashing health levels of damage, 2 lethal health levels of damage, or 2 bashing health levels and 1 lethal health level of damage. The vampire cannot use this Technique to regenerate aggravated health levels of damage or damage caused by natural sunlight though. The vampire always heals the least severe damage first and this healing ceases if the vampire falls into torpor, meets true death, or runs out of Vitae. Otherwise, even while resting during the day, the vampire continues to regenerate damage at the values listed above. Lastly if the vampire is suffering from a Tilt or Condition that is directly the result of damage he has suffered, that effect is removed when the vampire regenerates all of the corresponding damage.


  • Awe
    Cost: None | Dice Pool: None | Action: Instant | Duration: Scene
    • Awe shines a spotlight on the vampire even in a crowded room. He’s the most important person around and people want to be around him. Awe creates an aura of power, a sense that the vampire’s important, like a billionaire playboy or a movie star. He could be wearing tattered clothes, with open wounds and his face caked in shit but people still think he’s cooler than them, and they want to be around him.
    • When he wills it, all eyes fall on the vampire and nobody cares what he’s doing. For the rest of the scene, he suffers no penalties to Social rolls from his actions or appearance — even if he’s just beaten another man to death or waved a gun in a crowded nightclub. Given a chance, he can talk his way out of minor criminal offenses and almost any social faux pas. As the center of attention, he adds his Majesty dots to any Presence rolls when talking to people around him. This bonus only applies when talking to people normally, not to other uses of Majesty.
    • Anyone paying attention to him also subtracts his Majesty dots from any Wits + Composure rolls to notice anything other than the vampire. With a word, he can summon anyone in the room to his side — not by any mystical compulsion, but by making her aware that he wants her to approach. Another vampire can fortify herself against Awe with her predatory aura (see Lashing Out, p. 92). If she succeeds, she is unaffected by Awe.
  • Confidant ••
    Requirement: The vampire must use Awe on the victim.
    Cost: None | Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Majesty vs. Resolve + Blood Potency Action
    • The vampire doesn’t have to shout to be heard, and in a crowd that he’s already Awed, sometimes speaking quietly is the best way to get attention. With little more than a soft voice and a knowing look, the vampire brings someone new into the fold and becomes her trusted confidant.
    • Contested action; resistance is reflexive
    • Roll Results:
      • Dramatic Failure: The vampire slips up, letting some of what he wants the victim to feel leak back into himself. He’s affected by the Swooning Condition (p. 306) for the victim.
      • Failure: The victim doesn’t feel that she’s worthy of joining the vampire’s inner circle just yet.
      • Success: The vampire successfully charms his victim. She gains the Charmed Condition (p. 301).
      • Exceptional Success: It’s incredibly hard to resist the force of the vampire’s personality. The victim’s Charmed Condition lasts for nights, rather than hours.
  • Green Eyes •••
    Requirement: The vampire must have inflicted the Charmed or Enthralled Condition on the target.
    Cost: 1 Vitae | Dice Pool: None | Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene
    • To a victim of this level of Majesty, the vampire’s attention feels so good that it’s addictive. His inner circle craves his attention like a crackhead craves a rock or a writer needs coffee. That craving first becomes desperation and then jealousy as other people attract the vampire’s gaze, if only for a minute.
    • His victim is now thoroughly obsessed with the vampire, and he can play with her feelings and desires like they were a cheap harmonica. With Green Eyes, he can shift the emotional state of anyone he’s Charmed, sending them into a violent rage (or even a frenzy, in the case of some supernatural creatures) or making them so depressed that they feel hollow without him. Each shift costs him a point of Vitae, but he can instill the same emotion in any number of victims at once. The vampire can ask one of his Charmed minions to do something in such a way that they feel an obsessive need to accomplish it. He could ask them to kill someone, to give him money, or to perform debased and degrading acts for his amusement. A Charmed victim will do whatever he wants within reason — if the request would lead to the victim taking lethal damage or hitting a breaking point, the victim will save her own skin. She resolves the Charmed Condition immediately. An Enthralled victim is far more dangerous — she won’t commit suicide for the vampire, but anything else is fair game. If his victim would hit a breaking point, she doesn’t notice (and doesn’t roll for experiencing the breaking point) until the Enthralled Condition expires.
  • Loyalty ••••
    Requirement: The vampire must have inflicted the Charmed Condition on the target.
    Cost: 2 Vitae | Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs. Resolve + Blood Potency
    • Among his inner circle, the vampire praises some more than others, bringing them even closer to him. With a few words he can inflame their love for him. Beyond jealousy and obsession comes complete loyalty. A victim will do absolutely anything for him — and just thinking about crossing the vampire is traumatic. She ignores her other friends and her family. Her vampire is all that matters.
    • Contested Action; resistance is reflexive Roll
    • Results:
      • Dramatic Failure: Something sets the victim on edge, some discordant note forces her to rethink her affection for the vampire. She immediately resolves the Charmed Condition.
      • Failure: Though the victim remains devoted to the vampire, her loyalty does not flare into fanaticism.
      • Success: The vampire inspires burning loyalty in the victim. She’d do anything for him, giving up her blood or organs — or taking a bullet for him. The victim gains the Enthralled Condition.
      • Exceptional Success: The Enthralled Condition lasts for one week per dot of Blood Potency.
  • Idol •••••
    Cost: 2 Vitae and 1 Willpower | Dice Pool: None | Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene
    Idol enhances Awe’s aura of superiority to divine (or blasphemous) levels. The vampire can wait until she’s established Awe and then enhance it, or pay the price to immediately establish her superiority over everyone else in the room.

Anyone affected by the vampire’s Awe must make a reflexive roll of Resolve + Blood Potency minus the vampire’s Majesty dots in order to take an action that could harm or embarrass the vampire in any way. Unless they succeed, they can’t so much as crack a joke at his expense.

If the vampire has inflicted the Charmed Condition on anyone in his presence, she must make a reflexive Resolve + Blood Potency – Majesty dots roll when the vampire activates Idol. If she fails, she acquires the Enthralled Condition for the remainder of the scene. People who the vampire has already Enthralled cannot spend Willpower to act against him.


  • Honey Trap (1)
    • vampire that tastes your Vitae regains 1 wp, if this results in new bond or steps up existing bond gain a Beat
  • Kiss of the Succubus (1)
    • (Daeva only) Daeva kiss causes the Addicted Condition in addition to the Swooning Condition in mortals.


Forced March
Cost: 2 Vitae | Activation Time: Reflexive | Duration: (Resilience) Hours | Activation Roll: None | Target: Self

  • Forced March allows the Kindred to move at their Blinding Movement speed for his Resilience in hours. The demands of combat are too taxing on the Kindred’s body to keep up Forced March while the Kindred is engaged in combat, but should the conflict be resolved before the duration of this Devotion expires the Kindred can resume moving at superhuman speed.
  • The Kindred can, however, activate this Devotion for a chase. Doing so follows the normal rules for speed disparity between opponents and is resolved as normal. The Kindred can also take part in Vehicle chases while on foot with use of this Devotion and substitutes his Stamina + Athletics (as per a foot chase) for the usual Dexterity + Drive. Treat the Kindred as a vehicle with an acceleration equal to his base Speed, maximum speed equal to his maximum running speed, and a Handling equal to the lower of his Wits and Composure. Normally the Kindred can only participate in a chase with a vehicle and take no other action, but if he possesses the Quicken Sight Devotion (or some other ability that confers superhuman reflexes and speed) he may also take a single separate Instant action each turn of the Chase while this Devotion is active (such as firing a gun).

Elemental Font
Cost: None | Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent | Roll: None

  • This Devotion permanently augments the Cloak of Elements contract. The duration of the Contract becomes one scene (normally turns equal to the Hybrid’s activation successes). Further, armor provided by the Cloak of the Elements contract stacks with the Hybrid’s Resilience for determining her total armor rating. Finally, the Hybrid’s melee attacks (whether with weapons or unarmed) have a base damage equal to her activation successes from Cloak of the Elements (if higher).

Blood Powered Contract
Cost: None | Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent | Roll: None

  • Bringing the Hybrid’s mastery of emotion and raw power together, this Devotion allows her to reach her peak potential in a moments notice. Any time the Hybrid activates Mask of Superiority as an Instant action, she can also simultaneously activate Awe as well.

Quicken Sight
Cost: 1 Vitae | Dice Pool: None | _Reflexive

  • With the preternatural awareness of Auspex and the remarkable speed of Celerity, the vampire gains a exceptional sense of time and the space around her. For a brief moment, she sees everything at a slow crawl, and can react thusly.
  • When activated, Quicken Sight lasts for a turn. The vampire can examine the details on fast-moving items, and respond to things outside the normal human spectrum. She can read multiple pages of text in three seconds. She can apply her Defense to ranged attacks, and can benefit from aiming instantly.

Heart on Your Sleeve
Cost: None | Action: Instant | Duration: Instant | Roll: Wits + Empathy + Auspex

  • Botch: The Hybrid wildly misreads the targets feelings and continues to do so as she keeps reading the target throughout her observance. Any social attempts based on the emotions she perceives suffer a -2 penalty against the target due to the Hybrid grossly misjudging the situation.
  • Fail: The Hybrid cannot determine the emotional state of her target. She may, however, choose to spend 1 Vitae to attempt the Devotion again or wait until a new scene.
  • Success: By spending a turn examining a target, the Hybrid can determine the rough emotional state of the character. This is little more than a description of what the target is currently feeling, just base raw emotions without context or further specific nuances. If the target is masking their aura or using any other magic that occludes their state of being, protects their minds or intentions, then the Hybrid contest with a Clash of Wills. When used for soft or hard leverage, this removes a single door. As long as the Hybrid succeeds on her activation roll, she can continue to perceive the emotional state of her target by spending a turn to do so. The Hybrid can freely engage in social maneuvering while using this Devotion but cannot use it in conjunction with an attack action in combat.
  • Exceptional Success: The Hybrid becomes attuned to her target and need not make additional rolls to sense shifts in her targets mood. She reflexively understands what the target is feeling as long as she continues to perceive the target.

Innate Abilities

  • Spend 1 Vitae to appear alive for a Scene
    • Consumed food and drink are “ejected” later in the evening
  • Kindred have enhanced senses
    • No penalties on perception checks in poor lightning
    • Kindred only suffer a -2 penalty in pitch black
    • Immediately notice even trace quantities of blood
    • Heart heartbeats up to 3 yrds / Blood Potency away
    • Smell blood up to 10 yrds / Blood Potency away without rolling
      • Multiply this value by Auspex dots
      • Add Blood Potency to track a human by scent if their blood has been tasted
  • Spending 1 Vitae heals 2 bashing health levels or 1 lethal health level
    • Healing aggravated “naturally” requires 1 day sleep, over which the Kindred must spend 5 Vitae
      • Aggravated damage leaves scars on Kindred, although the scars appear natural
  • Spend 1 Vitae to add +2 dice to any physical (Strength / Dexterity / Stamina) action for 1 turn
  • When Kindred sleep, they return to exactly as they were at the time of their embrace
    • Kindred can spend 1 willpower to make a change in their appearance permanent
    • Kindred unconscious spend Vitae to heal while sleeping
      • Kindred can spend 1 willpower when falling asleep to not heal wounds

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