“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them.” – Diana of Wales

The Fairest is a brilliant, shining, idealisation. They’re too bright to look at, or a mirror that reflects back to you the way you want the world to be. The Fairest struggles, every day and night, to live up to their own myth, to be the great hero that they expected to be. They made a choice to take on the responsibilities of others on to their own shoulders, and sometime they succeed. When a Fairest does fail, when the crown falls from their brow, it is to fall in flames. A Fairest may not be the leader, but fate makes them a leader time and time again. Whether they embrace that, or run from it.

You will know the Fairest by the lines in her brow, the weight on her shoulders, and the hope in her smile. When she speaks, it’s easy to believe her, and even if she’s dressed just the same as everyone around her, it’s as if it’s the most perfect expression of what’s expected, from the poorest to the wealthiest company. She doesn’t put on aires, she’s genuine, or as genuine as she can be, but most people will do what she said so long as it’s not too unreasonable without even thinking about it.

To the Changeling eye, he can never remove the sign of leadership, often in the form of a small crown or military decoration. Whatever she does, the Fairest duty and responsibility peek through, and so when someone is in trouble. Without consideration, it’s the Fairest’s feet they will throw themselves down on. Fairest often have a glow or illumination about them, sparkle, reflection, or light from within varying from Fairest to Fairest.

Before, many Fairest were diamonds in the rough, flowers that had not bloomed, or swords never drawn. Wasted youth, wasted life, wasted time. Minutes, hours, days, tick away and maybe she realises, or maybe she doesn’t, but her life is passing by tick by tick. She could have stayed in school, or took piano lessons, or asked for that raise, or done a million things differently to make her life matter. But she just, didn’t, and her potential built and built and ripped her up inside, filling her stomach with guilt of what could-be until it started to consume her. Then, a trigger, a preventable tragedy that wouldn’t have happened if she’d just lived up to her potential. That’s when she knew what a waste it had all been, and either she flees to the Hedge, or she accepts a well timed offer for change and goes to her Keeper willingly, if not wittingly.

The Escape:
Once, he’d be a potential wasted, now, in is Durance, he was a potential suppressed. He could have been someone, he still had time, but he made a bad choice, or had shit luck. But the Fairest to be is also keenly aware that he is not alone here. With his own wasted potential stinging like salt in the eyes, he can see, know, sense, that all the others with him, were wasted potential too. It wasn’t just about his own failure to grow anymore, it was about others like him who were being smothered. And so, the Fairest makes a choice, to sacrifice himself, or at least, risk his own life to see potential blossom. He won’t leave alone, he offers a hand out and does what he can to help others see they can go, run, make it back home. The Fairest has a change of heart, and changes the hearts and minds of those around him, and in that moment, he escapes.

Character Creation:
Fairest are, natural leaders, and of course rapidly and easily pick up the skills to go with that. Unless he actively avoids it, many Fairest show a knack for politics and law. Many Fairest as well, end up developing specific knowledge of the logistical, if not mystical workings of Oaths. No one is exactly sure why.
Blessing: Clarity of the Crown. The truth of leadership is this: sometimes it’s not about being right, it’s about appearing right. It’s about appearing right, even when there is no real right or wrong. It isn’t pretty, and it’s certainly a quick path to corruption, but it remains true regardless. Most people need to be lead, and when they’re scared or desperate, they’re naturally going to turn to the Fairest. It’s the easy choice. And since so many are naturally going to put themselves in the hands of the Fairest, the Fairest has to do something, anything. Any time a Fairest bluffs, blusters, or shoot from the hip on her way through a call for leadership, and find her self revived by it. Once per story, a Fairest can feel her way through, and she gains a point of Clarity for free.

Weight of the Righteous. With measured response and skill, or blind luck and hope, making the right choice feels damn good. But sooner or later, failure weighs on the Fairest, and the crown on her head gets heavier and heavier. Any time a Fairest makes a call as a leader, and someone gets seriously hurt physically or otherwise, is a Clarity Break.


We Are All Lost GMJJ