XP Log

Session 16 SE3 ME-

XP Costs

Attribute4 MXPMortal Merit1 MXP / Dot
Skill2 MXPSpecialty1 MXP
Humanity2 MXPWillpower1 MXP
Clan Discipline3 SXPNon-Clan Discipline4 SXP
Contract1 SXP / DotContract Affinity1 SXP
Blood Potency / Wyrd5 SXPSupernatural Merit1 SXP / Dot

Increasing Blood Potency will require ST approval.
MXP can only be spent on “mortal” traits, SXP can be spent on Vampire or Changeling supernatural abilities

Additional Experience

  • Keep track of your characters Aspirations, if you fulfill one in game you can appeal for an additional point of XP


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